How am I billed

Payments in advance

All payments must be made in advance prior to use our service. Deposits are added up into your account balance after eventual tax and fees has been deducted. The amount you see is therefore the full amount available to spend on cloud resources.

Hourly billing

All resources are billed on a hourly basis, please observe that some resources can only be created if your account holds enough funds to keep them active for a certain amount of time. This will not spend the funds immediately, only lock them until spent or until the resource has been removed.

How is the monthly price estimated?

The monthly price is an estimation based on the hourly price multiplied by 730 hours. This is because there are 8760 hours in a year. For accurate prices it's therefore preferable to use the hourly prices for reference.

Can I withdraw from my balance?

Yes, under some conditions

Unused funds can be returned on request. Please observe that this is not the same as a refund.

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