How to increase the server deployment limit

Why is there a server deployment limit?
The main purpose of the " per account" deployment limitation, is to reduce the risk of new unknown accounts instantly gaining access to a huge amount of resources. One of the goals with this is to protect the reputation of the shared IP address pool to avoid that your new server is assigned a blacklisted (and potentially useless) IP address.
Can I deploy in any region after an approved upgrade of my deployment limit?
Yes, you are free to deploy in any of our regions up to the account wide limitation. There is no need for a second request, unless you need more servers in total.
Can the limit be increased?
Yes,  under some conditions.


  • The method of limitation increase must not be a non approved method (i.e. usage of multiple accounts).
  • The response to a limitation increase request may contain follow up requirements, these must be fulfilled properly
  • You acknowledge that you're aware of the fact that more running servers may incur higher fees and thereby drain your balance quicker than a few servers. Before deployment after an approved limitation increase request, always make sure that your account has a high enough balance to cover the fees more running servers may incur.
  • Your account must be at least 1 week old, have a balance of at least $20 and a history of deployments. (new condition for any request made after 2019-02-20)

Request method

Your deployment limitation can be increased by opening a support ticket in where you request an increase. Please include how much you would like to increase your limitation to, where you plan to deploy and a short description on what you plan to use your servers for. 

Additional followup requirements may be included in the response before your limit is increased.

Payment method

The "payment method" is available only for crypto currency payments. It means that on a single payment, your deployment limit will automatically increase to: the payment amount in USD divided by $20, assuming that the result is higher than your current deployment limit (example below). 

Please observe that there are no refunds for accounts that has been violating our terms of service or acceptable use policy. Therefore, this method is only suitable for legit usage.

Payment amount in USD Current limit New limit
$40 10 10 (unchanged)
$400 10 20 (+10)
$800 10 40 (+30)
$800 100 100 (unchanged) 

Region limits

Beside "per account" deployment limitations, there are also region based limitations to consider. First come, first serve applies. 

Although restocking may take a few weeks to complete, please observe that we'll be happy to recommend you a nearby region with similar specifications.

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