How can I use the API

To use our API you need to generate a key. To do that you need to login to our customer portal and on the main page click on the "Generate API key" button. The key will appear in the grey box above. Each account can have 8 keys.
Every one of your API keys has full access to your account. The API has, in fact, more features than the customer portal itself. Therefore you should keep your keys safe. If you believe someone has unauthorized access to your keys please revoke and generate a new key.
To authorize with your key, send the key in the Authorization header in the following format: " Bearer YOUR_KEY_HERE". Authentication is required for most entries. However, there are a few exceptions that are publicly accessible. List of locations, templates, and plans may be accessed without authentication.
Questions regarding usage may be posted on our forum as you may not be alone in the search for answers:

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