How to open a ticket

What is a support ticket?

A support "ticket" is an email conversation with a tracking ID, sent to support(a), or a message sent using the contact form accessible to the bottom left on all pages in this knowledge base library. Support tickets are the recommended method to use if you have questions or requests involving any confidential information such as account related issues or requests related to your servers or other resources. 

Response times

How fast do I get help?

The first response to support tickets will arrive within the next 48 hours (2 days) from the time your ticket was opened depending on current workload for active support agents and other involved staff. 

How do I get faster support?

Please include as much relevant information as possible in your ticket description and title. The better information we get, the faster we help you.

How to get slower support or no support at all?

Sending multiple replies containing the same message or demands to get help faster (spam), be rude or threat the staff, refuse to cooperate, refuse to share information requested by the agent.

Non confidential questions

For questions not containing any confidential information, i.e more generic questions. Alternatively technical support related to the software running in your servers (not covered by support tickets). Please visit our community forum here:

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