How to request a refund

Am I allowed to request and receive a refund?

Yes, under some conditions.


Note that there is a difference between a refund and a withdrawal from your account balance. More info on the withdrawal page:  "How do I withdraw funds from my balance"

How to request

A refund request can be submitted as a ticket, and will be approved if and only if all conditions (see below) are properly met. Please include your account ID, uuid or email in your request to help us identify and verify your account.


  • The payment you'd want a refund from must not be older than 14 days. (The minimum time required by law for purchases made online)
  • The funds must not already have been spent. (Exceptions can be made if you where unable to use the service due to our, or any involved providers fault)
  • Any amount less than $1 will not be refunded, unless the payment processor agrees to refund the transaction fees
  • There must be no pending refund requests or active charge backs with the payment processor in progress

Risk management

Can I request a refund through my payment provider/bank rather than opening a ticket?

No, we usually see those requests only when there are disagreements between two individuals. Like if for example, person A stole a credit card/wallet from person B and person B wants their money back. Our system has therefore been designed to act immediately on any refund request sent from a bank, payment processor or law enforcement authorities. Please contact us directly to request a refund from your own account, to avoid misunderstandings and data loss.

What happens in the event of a chargeback?

A chargeback will reset your account balance to any amount it was before the payment was sent back, or put on hold. Please note that if the amount goes below $0 all your active subscriptions will be purged beyond restoration immediately. If you think there's any risk of a chargeback and don't want to loose any work, consider paying with cryptocurrency where charge backs cannot occur.

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