How to request a refund

Our refund policy stated in  terms of service promise a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee for money not yet spent if you're not happy with our services. I.e if you buy credits worth $50 and then spend those credits on services worth $5 before you decide to request a refund you're eligible to request a $45 refund.

Refunds are only approved if below requirements are fulfilled:

  1. Email address used to request the refund must be the same as your customer email
  2. Refunds are only paid out via Paypal so you need a Paypal account
  3. You need to provide your customer ID and the exact amount you're requesting
  4. Your request must arrive within 60 days from the time where your credits was purchased

How to request

All requests are made via support tickets: open ticket.

Additional information

After being approved a full refund and the requested amount has been sent you should be aware that any remaining service still being active will be terminated immediately. After an issued refund, your account will remain unfunded but can be reactivated at any time by loading up the balance without need to take any additional actions.

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