How to request a refund

What is a refund?

A refund is basically the same as withdrawing money from your balance, you can at any time request to get unspent funds back. There are some conditions to consider however.


  1. The amount must be bigger than $10. (Exceptions can be made on smaller amounts within a limited time from when the payment was made if, and only if the payment processor agree to not charge additional fees to process the refund)
  2. The amount must be less or smaller than your account balance. (A full refund means that you first receive the full balance to your account, this is made automatically in cases where you are eligible for a full refund, i.e if our service isn't working, incorrect billing or similar)
  3. All refunds are made in the same currency as the original transaction. Exchange rates will be what they where during the original transactions.

How to request

All requests are made via support tickets: open ticket. Please avoid using any chargeback mechanism offered by the payment provider as it will interfere with our IPN handlers, thus effectively purging all your active subscriptions.

* We cannot restore lost work caused by a chargeback, always contact us directly to discuss refunds.

What is a chargeback

A chargeback is when your original payment is put on hold by the payment provider. This only affect FIAT payment providers such as Paypal, credit/debit cards etc.. Cryptocurrencies are not affected.

Why is my balance -$20 (or just below)?

When Paypal reports an unauthorized transaction, or a similar event that would cause a payment reverse. The event is reported to our IPN receiver which automatically set's your account balance to $0 then withdraw $20 as a fee to dispute. The most common reason for a reverse is that the owner of the Paypal account, or the card used, reports the transaction as "unauthorized". The basic rule is: do not use someone else Paypal account or credit/debit card without their permissions. 

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