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Available payment methods

Available payment methods are listed on our payment page: This is the only official way to top up your balance. See [[Avoid getting scammed]] for more information on invalid payment methods.

As of November 2022 our payment providers are Coinpayments, which supports over 30+ cryptocurrencies, and Paypal which allows you to pay with most major credit or debit cards, as well as from balance.


Thanks to decentralization, security and automation with cryptocurrencies, this is the preferred method of payment which we recommend. Even without an officially supported middleman, we'll always be able to receive cryptocurrency payments in one way or another.

Cryptocurrency payments are added to your account balance as soon as there is enough blockchain confirmations for the transaction to be considered fully completed. This process usually takes a few minutes, but may take up to one hour. So if your balance does not update immediately, do not panic, allow up to one hour and if there's still no change after you refresh the page we encourage you to contact us.


Paypal payments are done one the Paypal website (, the payment link will take you there. Once on the Paypal website you can customize amount and choose how you would like to pay, from a wide array of options depending on your location.

Once a payment is completed, our system is notified via web hooks, which means there is a few seconds delay. Press F5 to refresh the control panel page ( after a few seconds. The Paypal page will open in a new tab and can safely be closed after a completed payment.

Payment errors

In the rare event of a failed payment we will not reach out. We also do not monitor for errors. But, all errors are logged. If something goes wrong, please reach out and we'll investigate what happened.