This introduction provides you with an understanding of how 99Stack Cloud operates, whether before signing up or if there are any uncertainties when embarking on the initial steps.

Why choose us

Opting for 99Stack Cloud as your service provider brings forth advantages including utmost privacy. We strictly limit the collection of personal data to the bare essentials. Your information isn't traded or inundated with marketing endeavors. Your personal data remains secure within our confines, and we offer various avenues for anonymity, including cryptocurrency payment options.


We offer every customer access to over 70 public data centers spanning 7 continents, and we consistently add more locations. Each of these locations offers the same familiar API, control panel, and user-friendly features. All of our locations employ KVM virtualization using state-of-the-art hardware from both AMD and Intel. Scale horizontally and attain uninterrupted operation, ensuring zero downtime.


Established in 2016, with the inception of development in early shared hosting solutions dating back to 2011, we possess numerous years of experience in cloud hosting. Our platform undergoes continuous enhancements, and we attentively heed your feedback to identify avenues for improvement. We meticulously select our data center partners to ensure the delivery of an exceptional service.


Human support has become scarce in current times, yet at 99Stack Cloud, we strike a balance between automated support solutions and genuine human assistance. Below, you'll find some of our recommended support options in addition to tickets and email.


What ports are blocked

We block several ports that are commonly abused for DDOS attacks, see the list below for reference:

These blocks are permanent, and cannot be removed.

The following ports may be blocked, depending on your account settings:

SMTP over port 25

Port 25 is blocked in all G1, G2, G4 and E11 regions, to prevent spam and protect the IP spaces. To send emails via servers in these regions you need to configure an external email proxy and relaying service, such as:

For G3 server instances you can choose the option "Enable SMTP" to deploy a server instance with port 25 open, please note that for on demand servers, reserved for a shorter period of time than 3 months additional fees will be applied as a "SMTP subscription".


Currently no exceptions are made for port blocking. This is however subject for change in the future, once we are able to fully ensure that no abuse can be performed after granting access to certain ports for individual accounts.

Available payment methods

All of our available payment methods are listed on our payment page. Top up your balance using any payment method available there. Active subscriptions are billed by the hour, from your pre-paid balance.

As of November 2022 our payment providers are Coinpayments, which supports over 30+ cryptocurrencies, and Paypal which allows you to pay with most major credit or debit cards, as well as from balance.


Cryptocurrency payments are added to your account balance as soon as there is enough blockchain confirmations for the transaction to be considered fully completed. This process usually takes a few minutes, but may take up to one hour. If your balance does not update immediately, do not panic. Please allow up to one hour. If there is still no change after a page refresh, do not hesitate to reach out.


In October 2023, we introduced support for Coinbase payments. You can now make payments directly from your Coinbase account with low fees, or use cryptocurrency for native transactions. Opt for this method if you encounter difficulties with Coinpayments or if you wish to pay from your Coinbase account. High fee coins such as Bitcoin (on-chain) and Ethereum are cheaper when paid via Coinbase.


Conventional payment methods using most major fiat currencies. Paypal allows you to pay from your balance, or by using a credit or debit card. Paypal also supports automated recurring payments. Due to high transaction fees and risk of fraud, we do not currently support "native" card payments.

Payment errors

In the rare event of a failed payment, we may not reach out. If something goes wrong, please contact support, and we'll investigate and assist in finding a solution.

Pay as you go

Our core billing model follows a pay-as-you-go structure, translating to hourly billing, which is applicable across all services and provides substantial flexibility. By adopting this approach, you can sidestep vendor lock-ins and transition in and out as needed. Ultimately, we believe that a genuinely exceptional service doesn't need to force users into staying.

Pay in advance

Prior to using our service, all payments must be made in advance. Deposits are credited to your account balance after deducting applicable VAT. As a result, the displayed amount represents the total funds available for spending on cloud resources.


Discounts are considered supplementary to your final balance. For instance, if you deposit $100 with a 20% discount, your ultimate balance will be $120. VAT is deducted beforehand, where applicable.

Hourly billing

All resources are invoiced on an hourly basis from a pre-paid balance. Please note that certain resources can only be established if your account maintains sufficient funds to sustain such a subscription for a specified duration, typically a minimum of 24 hours.

This action does not instantly expend the funds; rather, it reserves them until they are used or until the resource is deleted. This approach ensures timely low balance notifications are sent out by the system, as delayed payments could potentially lead to data loss.

How is the monthly price estimated?

The monthly price is a calculated estimate derived from the hourly rate multiplied by 730 hours. This calculation is based on the average of 8760 hours in a year. For precise pricing, it is advisable to refer to the hourly rates.

Can I withdraw from my balance?

Yes, under certain circumstances.

Unused funds can be refunded upon request. It's important to note that this is distinct from a refund.

Terms of service and legal documents

Terms of service

The main set of rules required in order to provide the basic parts of our service. This document focus mainly on our websites, API and other relevant services and how to use them correctly.


Acceptable use policy

Covers the acceptable usage of active subscriptions such as servers, storage, ip addresses etc.. This document basically describes what's allowed or not, in terms of usage.


Privacy policy

Information about what data we collect and how it's used, how cookies are used and why they are set as well as other requirements set out by law in order to protect users privacy.


Data processing agreement

Extension to the privacy policy, more information about data processing, data flows, storage, transfers over national borders, where your data is stored, etc..


Service level agreement

Sets out the details over what you can expect from our service in terms of up-time as well as outage compensation. This document applies under "normal" conditions, in case of a force majeure situation (as described in terms of service) no up-time guarantee applies and no compensation is paid out.


Value added tax

Information about value added tax and current rates, VAT is automatically deducted from customers with personal accounts located in Europe.