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Bandwidth link speed & quota

Bandwidth usage is not subject to fair use but is configured with a monthly quota. Our default action is to power off a server instance just before the quota is reached to prevent additional fees from being charged. You can easily change this behavior on the server management page, where you can increase the bandwidth allowance for a server instance, and decide how much excess bandwidth you allow.

Do keep in mind that it's generally cheaper to upgrade to a larger plan with a higher allowance than it is to buy additional bandwidth. Upgrades can also be done on the server management page.

Bandwidth overage billing

Once your instance has exceeded its monthly quota, a new entry called 'bandwidth' will be added to your active subscriptions list and can be found under invoices. Bandwidth overage is billed by the hour based on current usage. During peaks, you may receive an earlier low balance warning.

A 'bandwidth' billing entry is a 'subscription' that covers only one hour. For the next hour, a new entry will be created to charge the excess bandwidth used within that hour. Bandwidth overage resets at the end of every month. On the server management page, you can also find a bar showing the current usage for this month.

The available bandwidth link speed is shared among all servers within each data center. Most locations are connected to a dedicated 40 Gbps line with redundancy, but it can vary. Actual availability for individual instances may vary over time. Each region has a test server you can ping and download test files from to check latency and bandwidth. Test servers are found on the data center page: