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Bandwidth link speed & quota

By default all plans has a bandwidth of 10 Gbps and a monthly quota of between 1 - 20 TB, these limitations can be seen in the plan specification on our pricing pages. We do not reduce your bandwidth if you exceed your monthly quota. Incoming and outgoing traffic are not added, only the highest usage of those two counts.

Bandwidth usage in excess of an instance allocation limit is charged at $0.02 per GB in North American and Western European locations. Due to higher regional costs, Singapore and Tokyo - Japan overage is priced at $0.05 per GB and Sydney - Australia overage is priced at $0.10 per GB.

How bandwidth overage is billed

Once your account has exceeded it's monthly quota, which is the sum of assigned bandwidth from all of your instances, a new entry called bandwidth will be added to your active subscriptions list and found under invoices. Bandwidth overage is billed by the hour based on current usage, during peaks you may get an earlier low balance warning. 

After your usage is balanced, the entry will be considered done and your "bandwidth subscription" closed. This also happens by the end of the month as a new bandwidth period begins.