In order to pay with an unsupported cryptocurrency token, please contact support at: [email protected] Name the token you wish to pay with and make sure to first check with our payment provider Cryptonator, to verify that the token isn't already supported.

We'll respond as soon as possible with a wallet to which you can send your tokens too, assuming that our local wallets has support for your requested coin/token. Over 1000+ coins/tokens are supported but not everyone. Send to the adress and respond to the message with transaction ID.

Within 48 hours, your payment will be manually processed and appear in your account. The exchange rate to USD will be collected from using the rate at the time your payment was received.

Note that this method isn't a recommended method. We will not accept more than one request per week and user. Minimum amount to deposit is $20. Transaction fees comes out of your balance after confirmation from you. This in contrast to no fees and no limitations on payments made via Cryptonator.