Avoid getting scammed

From 99Stack Cloud Docs

This article will cover some of your questions around 99Stack Cloud, company policies and how to avoid getting scammed by someone who claims to be representing us. Every day, thousands of people around the world get's scammed, typically by scam call centers in India and surrounding countries. On this page we'll help you understand how 99Stack cloud operates, what we do, and what we would never do, in order to help you see through at least the most common scams.

Emails sent to you

There are only three occasions in where you may receive an email from 99Stack Cloud, these are:

  • Low balance notifications, 14 days, 3 days and 1 day before your account runs out of funds.
  • Replies to support tickets initiated by you, we never reach out unless you contact us first.
  • Abuse notifications, in case abusive activity has been identified on your account.

In all cases, these emails primary purpose is to serve as a notification. This means, we never collect personal or banking information over email or tickets. We also never include links in any notification email, this is to avoid phishing which is where you are being taken to a page that looks like it's part of our system but in reality only exist to steal your account information.

Our official domain is 99stack.com, including subdomains. Make sure to bookmark our official pages to avoid ending up on a phishing site. It's also a good idea to change DNS servers on any device you use to connect to out sites, in order to avoid DNS hijacking as it could lead you to a fake site that uses the real domain.

Phone calls

We do not have any official phone number, end of story. Any phone number claiming to be 99Stack Cloud is 100% fake. We also never call you, in fact we do not even collect phone numbers so it's not even possible for a caller claiming to be "from 99Stack Cloud" to be legit. Simply put, never try to call us, and hang up if the person on the other end claims to be from 99Stack Cloud.

Refund and withdrawal policy

The process of receiving a refund or withdrawal, always starts with you requesting one by opening a support ticket. We will never reach out to you to offer a refund, or even to deal with a faulty payment. It's always up to you to reach out to us with questions or concerns regarding anything related to billing. No matter of payment method, the only information we ever ask for is a public receive address, if you paid us with cryptocurrency. The rest is always processed on our end.

  • Do not install remote software such as Anydesk, Teamviewer or similar in order to receive a refund, it's never ever needed
  • Do not buy gift cards or send cash to a mule address (scammer gets remote access to your device, claims to connect to a "secure server" where you type in some personal information plus amount to receive, then claims to have refunded a amount that is larger than agreed upon, and then ask you to buy gift cards or similar to pay back the difference).
  • Do not send cash or cryptocurrency to any unofficial address in order to top up your balance. The only official methods to top up your account balance is to use out payment page: https://dash.99stack.com/billing/make-payment and choose any of our officially supported payment providers from there.
  • Do not panic, scammers will often try to scare you and keep you in a hurry as a method of distraction. Keep calm, think logically, does it make sense. If you're unsure, feel free to reach out to us by support ticket.

General communication

Our support staff will never ask you for any personal information or banking information, our staff will never request remote access to any of your devices, in fact, we do not even touch your active subscriptions. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out by ticket or email.