Difference between VPS types

From 99Stack Cloud Docs

Server plans are divided into generations and ordered by the operators. The different generations are then ordered by when the plans where included in our system. Keep in mind that the number in a generation has no impact on the quality and performance of individual servers. Continue to read for more details on the differences between generations.

First generation servers

These servers generally run on more modern hardware with higher CPU frequency. (2.4GHz shared and 3.6GHz burst). Dedicated and bare metal servers are always running at 3.6GHz and 3.8GHz respectively. CPU cache sizes and other specifications are generally better on the first generation servers which makes them better for CPU intensive applications.

First generation servers are the preferred choice for network-intensive applications such as game servers, web servers etc. Additional DDoS protection is available in some locations beside the already great datacenter wide DDoS protection.

   Region code for identification: 1xx

Second generation servers

The age of the hardware varies based on location. The CPU frequency is generally lower (1.8GHz with a 2.4GHz burst) but you get more virtual cores for the same price which makes these servers a more price friendly choice for multi-threaded applications. These servers generally comes with higher amounts of memory (RAM) and storage for your money.

Second generation servers are the preferred choice for applications taking advantage of in memory caching or with higher storage needs or with temporary high workloads on CPU, Memory or storage. It's also the preferred choice for high volume deployments.

   Region code for identification: 2xx

Third generation servers

Being provided from a different legal jurisdiction, these servers offer more flexible terms of service in terms of free speech and cryptocurrency or block chain related applications. The hardware specifications are balanced for the price but will also offer the biggest physical servers in our stock.

Third generation servers can have up to 512GB of ram and 64 CPU cores assigned. GPU servers are available as well. You can also request to have port 25 opened and use these servers for mailing.

   Region code for identification: 3xx

Fourth generation servers

High performance servers provided from outside of the 14 prying eyes alliance (via Finland). These servers features high CPU frequencies, higher memory clocking and faster NVMe drives. The only drawback is a slightly higher price for the cheaper plans.

   Region code for identification: 4xx

Enterprise servers

Served from independent data centers allover the world, enterprise servers are reserved for business customers primary and are not idling like in the public regions. To order a server in an enterprise region you need to have a staked balance in your account and be ready to wait a few weeks while the server is being shipped to your preferred location and activated.

Please note that we may not be able to serve all requests within promised time due to the chip shortage and supply chain breakdowns. We recommend public regions first hand. Contact support for more details.

   Region code for identification: 11xx