How do I withdraw funds from my balance

From 99Stack Cloud Docs

Let's first define the difference between withdrawals and refunds, as both is allowed.

A refund can be granted for up to 14 days from the time your payment was made. The refund will return fees, deducted VAT on hold where applicable and up to $1 in spent balance. A refund is granted for reasons including but not limited to, if the service doesn't work or if you're not happy with the service. Therefore, a refund will also close your account and remove all of it's active resources.

A withdrawal means that you withdraw parts of, or your entire remaining balance. Withdrawals can be made for up to 60 days from the time your payment was made. Withdrawals does not include fees or money already spent, additional fees may be deducted if required by the payment processor. Remaining VAT on hold is included in a withdrawal.

   What is "VAT on hold"?

VAT (Value Added Tax) applies to some countries, mostly in Europe and is a tax on consumption. This is deducted from your payment before your account balance is updated, because none of our listed prices includes VAT to simplify price estimations. The amount reserved for VAT will not appear in your balance, but will be returned partially or full in withdrawals or refunds.


  • The payment you want to withdraw must not be older than 60 days
  • The remaining balance must be larger than $10
  • Your account must not have been involved in abuse, violated any agreements or violated the law
  • Self referrals, usage of multiple accounts or similar techniques to obtain "free funds" will reject any withdrawal or refund
  • The request ticket must be created using the same email address as the account is registered to, for verification
  • Funds must not have been sold, exchanged or transferred between accounts (this is a violation of ToS)

How to request?

Withdrawal requests are made the same way as refund requests, by opening a support ticket in where you provide your account ID, uuid or email to help us identify which account to refund or withdraw funds to.

What currency will the withdrawal be paid out in?

Withdrawals and refunds are paid out in the same currency as your payment was made with. For any currency other than USD, the exchange rate will be the same as it was during the time your payment was made. We do not perform currency exchanges for speculation or gambling.