How to withdraw from balance

From 99Stack Cloud Docs

Note that there is a difference between a refund, and a withdrawal from your account balance. More info on the withdrawal page: "How do I withdraw funds from my balance".

How to request

A refund request can be submitted as a ticket, and will be approved if and only if all conditions (see below) are properly met. Please include your account ID, uuid or email in your request to help us identify and verify your account.


  • The payment you'd want a refund from must not be older than 60 days.
  • The funds must not already have been spent. (Exceptions will be made if you where unable to use the service due to our, or any involved providers fault)
  • Any amount less than $5 will not be refunded, unless the payment processor agrees to refund the transaction fees
  • There must be no pending refund requests or active charge backs with the payment processor in progress


The general rule is, no refunds or withdrawals for cryptocurrency payments. However, exceptions can be made under some circumstances. Contact support for more information. The reason behind this includes:

  • Volatility: Incoming cryptocurrency are instantly converted to USD, if a withdrawal is granted, the amount will be the USD value at the time your payment was made
  • Fees: Block chain payments typically incur transaction fees, if these fees are higher than your payment, a withdrawal will not be granted.

Incoming requests are reviewed individually, the amount will be calculated and presented to you before anything is sent. Withdrawals can be made to almost any cryptocurrency.