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Available server plans

Available plans depend on data center and can be listed during server creation or via API calls. For a simplified overview, please refer to our products page, which shows current offerings. Plans are divided into availability zones, G1, G2, G3, G4 and E11. Plan id's reflect this division in the following way:

  • G1: 100 - 199
  • G2: 200 - 299
  • G3: 300 - 399
  • G4: 400 - 499
  • E11: 1100 - 1199
Plan categories

Within each availability zone, there are different plan categories, all optimized for different tasks. Overall availability depends on each individual data center, but in general the following categories exist across the whole platform:

  • Standard (General purpose instances with shared resources)
  • Compute (Runs with dedicated CPU cores at higher frequency)
  • Memory (Plans with more RAM memory per CPU core)
  • Storage (Plans with larger and faster boot disks)
  • Dedicated (VDS, plans with no shared resources and no noisy neighbours)
  • GPU shared (VDI, plans with shared GPU resources for hardware accelerated virtual desktop)
  • GPU dedicated (Plans with dedicated GPU units, 1 - 4 cards per server instance)