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Supported networking features

Included with each server instance is one IPv4 address, all data centers support IPv6 and you can add one /64 address to any server instance without additional cost. Private networking (LAN) is deprecated and is being replaced with VPC's as of writing (April 2023).

Dual stack

All data centers support both IPv4 and IPv6.

Virtual Private Cloud

Deploy a virtual private cloud in any data center and assign server instances to it, in order to utilize your own private network for secure internal communication. Local traffic within the same data center does not count towards your bandwidth quota.

Additional IP addresses

Based on supply and demand, first come first serve. You can assign additional IP addresses to most server instances for an additional fee. Do note that supply is limited due to the global IPv4 shortage.

Included bandwidth

Each server plan comes with a monthly bandwidth allocation. This counts towards outbound traffic and any traffic within the allocation is included free off charge. Bandwidth overage outside the plan allocation are billed at $0.01/GB.

DDoS protection

In select regions, we offer on-premises DDoS protection for your more sensitive applications, such as game servers or targeted websites. Enable this feature by checking the DDoS protection option under Features during the creation process.

SMTP ports

If you need access to direct emailing via port 25, 465, or 587, it is possible to enable this feature in all G3 regions. Make sure to check the 'Enable SMTP' option under Features during creation to activate this functionality. Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding.