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Terms of service and legal documents

Terms of service

The main set of rules required in order to provide the basic parts of our service. This document focus mainly on our websites, API and other relevant services and how to use them correctly.


Acceptable use policy

Covers the acceptable usage of active subscriptions such as servers, storage, ip addresses etc.. This document basically describes what's allowed or not, in terms of usage.


Privacy policy

Information about what data we collect and how it's used, how cookies are used and why they are set as well as other requirements set out by law in order to protect users privacy.


Data processing agreement

Extension to the privacy policy, more information about data processing, data flows, storage, transfers over national borders, where your data is stored, etc..


Service level agreement

Sets out the details over what you can expect from our service in terms of up-time as well as outage compensation. This document applies under "normal" conditions, in case of a force majeure situation (as described in terms of service) no up-time guarantee applies and no compensation is paid out.


Value added tax

Information about value added tax and current rates, VAT is automatically deducted from customers with personal accounts located in Europe.