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Why choose us

Opting for 99Stack Cloud as your service provider brings forth advantages including utmost privacy. We strictly limit the collection of personal data to the bare essentials. Your information isn't traded or inundated with marketing endeavors. Your personal data remains secure within our confines, and we offer various avenues for anonymity, including cryptocurrency payment options.


We offer every customer access to over 70 public data centers spanning 7 continents, and we consistently add more locations. Each of these locations offers the same familiar API, control panel, and user-friendly features. All of our locations employ KVM virtualization using state-of-the-art hardware from both AMD and Intel. Scale horizontally and attain uninterrupted operation, ensuring zero downtime.


Established in 2016, with the inception of development in early shared hosting solutions dating back to 2011, we possess numerous years of experience in cloud hosting. Our platform undergoes continuous enhancements, and we attentively heed your feedback to identify avenues for improvement. We meticulously select our data center partners to ensure the delivery of an exceptional service.


Human support has become scarce in current times, yet at 99Stack Cloud, we strike a balance between automated support solutions and genuine human assistance. Below, you'll find some of our recommended support options in addition to tickets and email.