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Server deployment limitations

The primary objective of the 'per account' deployment limitation is to mitigate the risk associated with newly created, unidentified accounts instantly obtaining access to a significant volume of resources. By implementing this restriction, the aim is to safeguard the reputation of the shared IP address pool. This helps prevent your new server from being assigned a blacklisted (and potentially unusable) IP address, thereby maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of your server deployment.

Increase limits

Deployment limitations can be easily raised by contacting support and requesting an increase. When making your request, please specify the purpose for the increase, the primary regions where you intend to deploy, and the number of server instances required. Additionally, please ensure that your account meets the following criteria:

  • The requester's account must have at least a few weeks of history demonstrating usage that has not resulted in complaints or reports of abuse.

  • The response to a request for limitation increase may include additional requirements, and follow-up questions. Please ensure to respond to these questions within a reasonable time frame.

  • The account must have a sufficient amount of funds to cover the costs of both new and existing resources.

Payment increase method

Alternatively, making payments in cryptocurrency will automatically increase the account deployment limit. It's important to note that this does not alter the terms of service in any manner; rather, it serves as a quicker alternative to increase deployment limitations, which can optionally be utilized. Below are example rates for your reference:

Payment amount in USD Current limit New limit
$40 10 10 (unchanged)
$400 10 20 (+10)
$800 10 40 (+30)
$800 100

100 (unchanged)

$1600 100

100 (unchanged)

$5000 100

100 (+150)

Regional limits

In addition to the 'per account' deployment limitations, it's important to consider region-based limitations. These limitations operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. While restocking may take a few weeks to complete, please note that we are available to recommend a nearby region with similar specifications.